Why a Mobile Vet like Dr. Croom?

These days, more and more services are becoming mobile, making it more convenient for the customer to save time and gas. This is no different for the veterinary industry, and companies like Dr. Croom Mobile Veterinary Service are starting to become more prominent. Some of the benefits are convenience–no more worries about your feline or canine furry friend getting anxious in the car, and absolutely hating vet visits. Some pets do not get along well with other animals, so keeping them in the safety and comfort of their own home is the best bet.

Another benefit, especially for the Last Wishes service, or in-home euthanasia, is that the family pet can take his last breath in a familiar environment, surrounded by his loving family members. One other reason that rings true with Dr. Croom is her ability to go to the homes of her fellow veterans, whether Army or any branch of the military, and provide stellar pet care right there. Some are disabled, some may be elderly or senior, but some just want the great feeling of having Dr. Croom, Army Veterinarian in their home, taking care of their fur baby.

Can you think of any other reasons that you love having a mobile vet? Feel free to comment on this post, and come to DrCroom.com for all your preventative pet care needs.


  1. Sherry Gajos

    I really liked what you said about how a mobile vet is very convenient for the customer to save time and gas. My friend has come down with a chronic illness and can’t get out much, but she has a pet dog and wants to make sure her pet stays up to date on her shots and is otherwise taken care of. Thank you for the information about how a mobile vet will help her pet not be anxious in a car or vet’s office. https://stewartstownvet.com

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