Why Pet CBD?

CBD can potentially aid in pain management, anxiety relief, end-of-life care, and homeostasis, or general balance in your pet’s bodily functions.

Dr. Croom teaches her clients about the natural CBD receptors that all animals have in their body, which is why this product is considered all-natural and holistic. If you would like to consult with Dr. Croom about CBD and her other holistic supplements, use the link below and choose “Holistic Virtual Consultation”

A Note From The Doctor

When Dr. Croom’s clients ask about CBD and whether it can help their pet who may be in pain or distress, this is her response:

As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and a Vet who protects her licensure, I never say that CBD “cures” anything. What I can observe and talk about are the results I have seen from my own furry patients and several national research results that show that CBD can decrease pain in animals, with minimal or no side effects

I have observed my own brand of hemp-derived CBD, Dr. Croom Army Vet CBD Drops, give relief to my dog and cat patients that are experiencing stress and anxiety. This is probably the #1 reason my clients request the CBD–their dog is high strung and tears up the house during the day, or gets really nervous going in the car.

Another request from several clients that has yielded success is for joint pain in their older/senior cat or dog. Maybe Fluffy is not able to jump up on the bed like she used to, and I have seen CBD give Fluffy a little pep back.

Several of my clients have wanted to know if CBD can help relieve pain associated with tumors and masses. I tell them that since CBD does work on receptors associated with pain and nerve pain, that it’s possible to see some pain relief even if it does not necessarily shrink a mass.

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The Dr. Croom Ambassador Program is for those dedicated to improving pet’s lives with safe, tested, Vet-made pet CBD.



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