Breeder's Proactive CBD Peanut Butter Solution

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This product is for the proactive breeder who does not wait until an emergency presents itself to try to calm and relax their anxiety-ridden bull. Now you can be prepared ahead of time by having these handy peanut butter CBD syringes to relax and calm your bull.

If you have been looking for a way to keep your show dogs calm before, during, and after the show, here is your solution! you will receive 3 ml of full spectrum peanut butter CBD, and since this is a strong product, you don't need that much to get a great relaxing response.

You need an all-natural peanut butter blend with 200 mgs of full-spectrum CBD that can keep your whole kennel relaxed. When females are in heat, or studs get in range of each other, this can decrease the territorialism and reduce the anxiety while meeting for the first time.

You can also feel confident sending your productions home with their new owners, relaxed and comfortable during transport, and confident in their new environment.

This product was specially formulated by Dr. Croom for breeds that experience higher levels of anxiety at overly stimulating shows with large crowds of people and dogs. It's not always heat that can take a show dog down. In most cases, it's the anxiety of the show, on the stack table, or being in the ring that brings on potentially deadly cases of anxiety.

Your dog has natural CBD receptors in the body, which allow a very quick response to dosing. Check the dosage chart above for size-based dosing.

Dr. Croom is a holistic Veterinary Influencer and pet CBD advocate.

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