Full Spectrum CBD in Peanut Butter-3 ccs-for Dogs and Cats

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This product from Dr. Croom Army Vet works great in Dr. Croom's furry patients for stress, anxiety, and painful inflammation. These syringes are handy to dispense right into your pet's mouth, and have an ingredient CBDv, that works well for Dr. Croom's seizure patients. Save $5 when you get 3 syringes instead of just one.

Comes with 3 syringes for a total of 3.0 mls. Total of 10.5 mgs of CBD. Dosage sheet included

This is Dr. Croom's newest product, which her dogs and cats patients both love. Assuming your pet is not allergic to peanuts, this may be a great option to alleviate some pain, inflammation, as well as possibly reducing stress and anxiety.

This product is different than our other Dr. Croom Army Vet CBD products by using a full spectrum CBD, which means that it includes hundreds of terpenes and cannabinoids that work synergistically with the CBD.

Help your animal friend live their best life with full spectrum hemp-based nutrition. Each easy-to-use 1.0 ml syringe contains 3.5 mg of organic, broad spectrum hemp CBD (cannabidiol) in a base of organic peanut butter. No additives or fillers. All synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids, and phytocompounds of the original plant are maintained.

Directions: Dosage paper included with order. Start with a smaller dose initially, and build as needed. Consult with your veterinarian with specific questions about dosage or treatment. Can be mixed with food or placed directly in mouth. Store in a cool, dark area. Contains zero THC.

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