Future Veterinarian Virtual Internship

Let your Student Learn about a Career in Vet Med!
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This exciting Virtual Veterinarian Internship allows students who are passionate about animals and curious about the Profession of Veterinary Medicine, to join Dr. Croom-Holistic Veterinarian on one virtual vet appointment with actual pets and their pet-parent. They will observe and participate in the questions and Veterinary advice given to the pet parent by Dr. Croom, and will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the client.

After the vet visit, each intern will write about their experience--showing what they learned, with specific details from the pet's history. After taking THREE of these courses, student will then receive a Certificate of Internship from Dr. Croom, which can be placed on their Resume or CV.

Dates of the Virtual Visits will be chosen based on the student's schedule and Dr. Croom Mobile Vet service schedule.

Requirements: Computer or phone, Access to Zoom,

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