Soothing Itch Skin Relief! Shampoo

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Introducing Natural Pet Promise's Soothing Itch Skin Relief! Shampoo – a gentle cleansing formulation designed for dogs, cats, and horses. This shampoo provides temporary relief for itching, flaking, and irritation, making it an ideal solution for pets suffering from allergies, skin & coat irritation, and erythema. Formulated with pramoxine and micronized colloidal oatmeal, this shampoo effectively soothes and calms irritated skin, leaving your pet feeling comfortable and refreshed.

This shampoo is specially designed to address your pet's unique skin care needs. With its gentle cleansing formula, it effectively removes dirt, oil, and debris from your pet's skin and coat, without stripping away natural oils or causing further irritation. The addition of pramoxine and micronized colloidal oatmeal works to soothe and hydrate the skin, helping to reduce itching, flaking, and redness.

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