Wipe My Tears Away! Facial Wipes

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Natural Pet Promise Wipe My Tears Away! Facial Wipes are specially designed for dogs and cats to help keep their face clean and fresh. These facial wipes are perfect for pets with a tendency to develop tear and saliva stains, as they gently remove any discoloration and help prevent future staining.

These facial wipes have a mild, fragrance-free formulation that is gentle on sensitive skin. They effectively clean eye discharge and remove any stains from the fur, without irritating your pet's eyes or skin. With regular use, your pet's face will look brighter and more vibrant. These wipes are also easy to use. Simply take out a wipe and gently wipe your pet's face, taking care to avoid the eyes. The soft, moist cloth will help lift away any dirt or debris, leaving your pet's face clean and refreshed. And because they come in a convenient resealable pack, you can take them with you wherever you go.

These facial wipes are made from natural ingredients that are safe for your pet. There are no harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or dyes that could harm your pet's health.

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