About Us

At Dr. Croom Mobile Veterinary Service, our mission is to provide outstanding Veterinary care with a holistic focus. Dr. Croom, Army Vet always offers you the least toxic, and most homeopathic remedies when possible.

As a result, our Attending Veterinarian provides holistic remedies like CBD  Oil and Peanut Butter Hemp syringes. Dr. Croom recommends and uses these products for herself and her pets, which results in her clients’ extreme confidence in their choice.

About The Doctor

Dr. Croom is a Michigan licensed Veterinarian, focused on providing holistic therapies to her furry patients. She received her education at historic Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama. Her vision is to introduce the wonderful world of Veterinary Medicine to animal-loving students through her Future Veterinarian Program and to continue bringing diversity to the Veterinary field.

With a father who taught Science, Dr. Croom grew up surrounded by a love of learning and animals. She volunteered at a horse riding farm for kids and adults with disabilities when she was a young Future Veterinarian, and that made a huge impact on her decision to become a Vet.

Clinic Staff
Imani Jenkins

Office Manager

Toni White

Veterinary Tech

Dr. Turnera Croom

Attending Veterinarian

Words of Praise
Veteran Owned and Operated

Dr. Croom served her country in the Army Veterinary Corps and it was here that she continued to be educated in leadership, excellence, and humility. Dr. Croom believes very strongly that veterinary technicians, animal handlers, and other veterinary personnel should be treated with the utmost respect. When she was an officer in the Army, Dr. Croom relied on her enlisted soldiers and airmen to get the mission completed.  Similarly, when Dr. Croom and her Vet tech come to your home, you will see mutual respect and caring for each other and your pets. You will receive the very best when you hire Dr. Croom Mobile Veterinary Service. We are 100% Service-disabled, Veteran-owned.