We know how hard it can be to let our little friends cross the rainbow bridge. We’re here to deliver a sensitive experience from the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Croom Last Wishes Services May Be Right For You If...
  • Your pet cannot handle a traditional veterinary setting.
  • Your pet’s comfort is top priority.
  • You would like an intimate setting for your pet’s last wishes.
  • Cold waiting rooms and linoleum floors make you uncomfortable.
Schedule Your Last Wishes Service

Last Wishes services are available in the daytime, evening, and weekend appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Covid-19 Protocols?

To learn more about our most up-to-date Covid-19 protocols, click here.

Does Dr. Croom use a sedative first?

Yes, Dr. Croom believes in giving a sedative first, which allows your pet to relax with you in comfort, and this gives the family more time (about 15 minutes) before Dr. Croom gives the euthanasia solution.

Will my pet feel pain?

The only pain your pet may feel is a short poke from the sedative. Very similar to a regular vaccine shot, it will be over quickly, and then the relaxation and no-pain come into effect.

Does Dr. Croom do cremation as well?

Yes, Dr. Croom gives you the option for her to take remains with her for cremation. It’s Dr. Croom’s goal for you to not have to worry about a thing after the Last Wishes service, so when you schedule yourself on her calendar, choose one of three options:

  1. The family is responsible for pet’s remains.
  2. Dr. Croom takes remains, but you do not receive them back (cremation is still performed, so cost is still included)
  3. Dr. Croom takes remains, and remains are hand-delivered back to you with other gifts from your beloved pet.

What costs should I expect for this service?

Cost varies based on your location, size of your pet, and what optional services you choose (cremation, return, etc). Cost starts at $350. Other variables that increase cost are if you choose an AFTER HOURS or WEEKEND service.