Reptile Veterinary Services with Dr. Croom!

Colorful green forest background showing Dr. Croom, veterinarian in white coat holding a tortoise. Post explains that we offer reptile services.
Reptile Owners Love Video Visits with Dr. Croom and her Team

Michigan Reptile owners..we have heard your call! You need video visits with a great Veterinarian and now you’ve got access to them! Click on the link to schedule your reptile for a virtual Vet visit with Dr. Croom and her Reptile team.

NEW Future Veterinarian Project

Our Future Veterinarian Project makes it easy for students interested in Animal careers, to learn about the field of Veterinary Medicine without having to leave their home or school! Students will receive online mentoring and career preparation from licensed veterinarians using Telemedicine(video vet appointments)!