Keep Your Pets Calm with a Home Visit from Dr. Croom and her Team

After your personalized Video visit with Dr. Croom, your Home Visit will be scheduled. Our Holistic pet care team will handle and examine your pet with the greatest care and compassion. You can relax while you give Dr. Croom your pet’s history—then allow our Veterinary team to expertly diagnose and treat your pet.

NEW Future Veterinarian Project

Our Future Veterinarian Project makes it easy for students interested in Animal careers, to learn about the field of Veterinary Medicine without having to leave their home or school! Students will receive online mentoring and career preparation from licensed veterinarians using Telemedicine(video vet appointments)!

Partner with Dr. Croom

The Dr. Croom Ambassador Program is for those dedicated to improving pet’s lives with safe, tested, Vet-made pet CBD.


Ambassador Benefits Include:

  • Partnering with an Army veteran and holistic veterinarian.
  • 25% off ALL personal CBD purchases.
  • 30% of every new customer’s first order.
  • 15% of every order they make thereafter.
  • Help improve the reputation of CBD in our society.