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Dr. Croom's Mobile Services
11am-9pm Sunday-Saturday
(269)873-1311 from 10am-8pm
evening hours until 9pm

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Clear Pricing for Dr. Croom's Mobile Vet Services & Products

Veterinary House Call/Physical Exam $75

  • $25 Single Vaccination
    (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Leptospirosis, Lyme Disease, Flu)
  • $150 Puppy Pack
    Includes everything you need for a new puppy. Vaccine for Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, and Adenovirus. Pup is given De-wormer. Price includes 2 follow-up visits for boosters

  • $50 Individual tests
    (This includes heartworm screening, intestinal parasite screening, ear/skin cytology or voided urinalysis.)

  • $350 Home Euthanasia
    (This includes the euthanasia and the remains are handled by the owner.)
  • $450 Home Euthanasia with Cremation
    (This includes the euthanasia, the remains are taken and cremated and not returned to the owner.)

  • $ 65 Veteran’s discount
    (Show proof at 1st appointment)
  • $ 65 College Student discount
    (Show proof of current enrollment)
  • $ 70 Senior Living Discount
    (for those in pet friendly senior homes / communities)

  • $ 65 Canine Nasal Midazolam Kit
    Includes two 10 ml bottles of midazolam (5 mg/mL), syringes and needles, and one nasal atomizer.

Dr. Croom, Army Veterinarian offers holistic supplements for your furry friend. Research has shown that CBD may help with degenerative diseases, anxiety, and some forms of cancer. Aging and inflammation are also common reasons to use our CBD products for your pet!

  • CBD Mini Doggy Bone Treats (5 mg)
    150mg CBD: Total of 5mg per bone
  • CBD Large Doggy bone Treats (10 mg per bone)
    150 mg CBD--10 mg per dog bone
  • CBD infused Salmon Oil (150 mg)
  • 150 mg per bottle
  • Place on food or directly in mouth.
  • CBD infused Salmon Oil (300 mg)
  • 300mg per bottle
  • Place on food or directly in mouth

Purchase these products below in our product section.

  • $50 Sick Dog or Cat Call
    Your dog or cat is sick or under the weather and you need an in-home examination.
    The cost includes exam, and further instructions from the vet

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