Thank you for choosing Dr. Croom! First-time patients of Dr. Croom must fill out an intake form and attend a preliminary virtual visit before we can faithfully recommend wellness or treatment options. Please read our FAQ and fill out the form below to reserve a spot on the calendar.

Why Virtual Visit?
Ease of Appointments

Dr Croom video appointments are a quick and simple way to get an idea of what your pet needs without having to leave the comfort of your own home! 20 minutes per pet.

Get Prescription Access

Dr Croom video appointments are considered an Annual Visit, which provides a full year of prescription access from Dr. Croom’s online pharmacy.

Mobile Care

When you complete a virtual visit with Dr. Croom, you and your pet qualify for all Dr. Croom Mobile Care services such as vaccinations, holistic care, and much more.

Schedule Your Appointment
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer emergency/same-day services?

We do not provide emergency/same day services (other than Last Wishes Service)

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

To learn more about our most up-to-date Covid-19 protocols, click here.

Are video appointments required?

Video appointments are required for all new patients (other than Last Wishes service). Appointments are available weekly Monday-Friday.

Why do I need a video appointment?

Video appointments allow pet owners and Dr. Croom to decide what is needed for your home visit.

Do I need to download an app for a virtual visit?

Nope! We use Zoom for all of our virtual appointments which can be downloaded or used directly in your web browser. You will receive a specific link from us once you are scheduled.

How long are virtual visits?

Visits are about 20 minutes per pet. Dr. Croom gives each pet full attention and guidance.

How much do virtual visits cost?

Virtual visits start at $85 depending on the number of pets and services requested.

I don't have access to internet. Can I still schedule an appointment?

For those without internet, a phone consult can replace the Virtual visit, at the same cost.

Do you spay/neuter and offer other services that may require surgery?

We do not perform surgical services at this time.