Our Mission
Our Future Veterinarian Project makes it easy for students interested in Animal careers, to learn about the field of Veterinary Medicine without having to leave their home or school! Students will receive online mentoring and career preparation from licensed veterinarians using Telemedicine(video vet appointments)!
Our current featured mentoring program is called The Ride-Along Program, where students 6th grade through college can join a licensed Veterinarian online as they work with a LIVE and VISIBLE pet patient and client. The student will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion, diagnosis, and follow-up with the pet parent—real world skills they will need in this profession.
Our mission is to introduce students to the realities of Veterinary Medical careers and teach the soft skills, compassion, and direct client interactions that will make them extremely successful and fulfilled in the Veterinary field.
The Problem
To be a successful Veterinarian, you must have great people skills, and many Pre-Vet mentoring programs do not focus on the variety of client interactions that happen daily in a Veterinary practice.
Most Veterinary mentoring programs focus on direct animal contact and vet shadowing, which students love, but the crucial soft skills are often minimized.
Another roadblock to gaining mentorship is the lack of free time that Veterinarians often have. We Veterinarians love to share knowledge by mentoring, but often do not have free time to devote to a mentee. Our Ride-Along Program eliminates these issues by allowing the Future Vet mentee to join virtually with a Veterinarian who can continue their work, but now has a mentee joining their clinic online for an amazing experience!
It is a common myth among unmentored students that spoken communication with people is not required for the Veterinary profession. This myth is totally debunked through our Ride-Along program. Students will observe firsthand how actual Veterinarians communicate with pet parents who might be anxious, nervous, and scared about their pet’s diagnosis.
Who is the Ride-Along Program For?
  • Students who want firsthand knowledge of what being a Veterinarian and Vet Tech is all about!
  • 6th grade through Community College and University levels
  • Career Prep courses that would benefit from an infusion of Pre-Veterinary education
  • After School programs (OST)
  • Home Schooling, Self-Teaching, Unschooling Lesson
  • Veterinary Schools that want a unique mentoring experience for their alumni to attract students to your institution
Future Vet Events with our Team
 The Future Veterinarian Project team here at Steadfast International is very rich and diverse. It is well-known that students preparing for careers excel when they can imagine or see themselves in the role. By interacting with licensed Veterinarians of different cultural backgrounds, students will feel confident moving further into a career field that continues to improve its inclusivity.