Dr. Croom Mobile Care

If you’ve completed your First-Time Patient Virtual Visit, that means you qualify for a home visit! Dr. Croom offers an array of holistic services and conventional veterinary care that can be done without stepping foot off your property. We serve the Southwest Michigan region.

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What Can We Do For You?
Vaccinations & Testing

Dr. Croom offers on location vaccinations as well as heartworm and Lyme disease testing with immediate results!

New Puppy/Kitten Packages

Got a little one around the house? Little AND furry? We have you covered with puppy and kitten packages that include all three visits and shot series!


Animal Spinal Manipulation is helpful for senior dogs, active pups, sporting, and working dogs with many benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer emergency/same-day Mobile Care?

We do not provide emergency/same day services (other than Last Wishes Service)

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

To learn more about our most up-to-date Covid-19 protocols, click here.

I had my virtual visit. Now what?

Following the Virtual Visit, if you elect to have a home visit, Dr. Croom will schedule your Home Visit on a date and time (range) that works best for you.

When do you offer home visits?

Home visits are available Wednesday through Friday, often the same week as your Virtual Appointment.

Does the cost of my Virtual Appointment cover my home visit?

No. The Virtual Appointment is a separate cost. You will be invoiced separately for a Home Visit added with the cost of care you may need.

How far do you travel for Mobile Care?

We travel up to 20 miles outside of Portage, MI for routine care. For Last Wishes services we do travel further. Longer distance travel will impact your cost.

After a Virtual Visit, can I simply get a prescription or other holistic treatments without a home visit?

Yes, if a home visit is not needed immediately, flea and tick meds, Chinese herb treatments, and electromagnetic therapies can be prescribed and mailed to you unless it is a puppy under 10 weeks.

*Heartworm medications do require a heartworm test, so a home visit would be needed.

What if I just need a Rabies shot for my dog? Do I still need a Virtual visit first?

Yes, legally an examination is still required, and we do that virtually first, so we can discuss ALL your pet’s health needs.